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Insulation Services

For your home or business, RI Choice Spray Foam Inc. has the experience, equipment and training to provide the highest quality insulation work at the best price. 

If you are interested in the benefits and cost savings of insulation, call us today to schedule a site visit or request a free estimate. 

Spray Foam Insulation

A spray foam insulated home is a place where comfort and safety are guaranteed. This thick material has been around for many years to keep every home warm during very cold winter days and offer the coziest days when hot summers come. One of the best assurances that spray foam insulation gives every homeowner is its ability to turn every home into a comfortable nest away from noise pollution.

Residential Spray Foam

When a home is insulated with spray foam, there is no doubt that it will be protected against gradual damage caused by the extreme cold weather and the summer heat that may penetrate its walls and ceiling. Residential spray foam insulation helps every homeowner in bringing back the best thermal temperature and condition of their homes. This process aims to offer intense protection to every home by excellently sealing unnecessary gaps or holes the house has.

Commercial Spray Foam

Buildings tend to catch a significant amount of cold or heat all year round, and one of the best ways to protect their state and avoid further damage to their condition is by investing in commercial spray foam insulation. This whole process will keep your building protected against harsh climates, which helps in producing the most suitable temperature for your building regardless of the season of the year.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is undoubtedly one of the most popular and preferred insulation projects by many homeowners to kickstart their insulation journey. Once an attic is well-insulated, you can guarantee that your home will be more comfortable to stay in even on days where there is extreme cold or heat. Attic insulation is an investment that will benefit you for decades that has been tested and proven by many homeowners around the globe.

Garage Insulation

Insulating a garage is a difficult task to do, but what is more important to focus on are the benefits that it can offer you and your home for a long period of time. Garage insulation can be the best answer to the never-ending search for home investments that will defend every home against the very cold winters as well as the hot summers without spending every cent of their savings.

Basement Insulation

Basement insulation, believe it, or not, holds as many benefits as insulating other parts of your house. This is because once a basement is insulated, a large amount of cold and heat that might penetrate the walls will be blocked, which fosters a more comfortable home with a stabilized and more ideal thermal performance. All in all, basement insulation is also an investment worth spending your money on.

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation is one of the insulation processes that involve more duration to finish, but this is due to the smaller, more secluded spaces that have to be insulated by professional insulation installers. Crawl space insulation is also an excellent way to keep every room of the house comfortable, safe, and as warm or as cozy as possible.

frequently asked questions

List of answers to typical questions about insulation services.

What is the best type of insulation for my house?

While there are many types of insulation that can help you in maintaining the best conditions of your home, there will only be one that can perfectly meet all its needs and solves any problems your house has. To find the best insulation type for your humble abode, take some time to check on what problems in your house need to be addressed immediately and choose the insulation that can help you in providing solutions to these problems.

How can I tell if my house is well insulated?

Your house is properly insulated if you do not encounter problems such as fluctuations in the temperature, ice dams, and cold drafts. Comfortability should also be felt when your home is properly insulated; you should also not worry about pests or any rodents that may come into your space. A well-insulated house also has lower energy bills and better indoor air quality.

What areas of a home are most commonly insulated?

A house has many parts that are in need of proper insulation. However, if there is an area that is most commonly the first one to be insulated, that would be the attic. The insulation of walls, ceilings, and floors comes next, as they also play a big part in keeping your home safe and intact. Lastly, the insulation if garage, basement, and crawl spaces.

How much does insulation cost?

The cost of insulating a home may vary per homeowner, and this is because every household has a different area size and different needs and problems that have to be addressed. To help you in identifying the total insulation cost, first, choose a type of insulation, then measure the size of the area to be insulated, and finally hire an insulator to give you a quote for the full service.

How often do you have to replace insulation?

While insulation can last for 80 up to 100 years, it’s inevitable for insulation to have a change in performance and quality after a few years of serving your home. There’s no need to replace your home’s insulation often, but it has to be inspected and changed after 15 or 20 years to ensure that there will always be proper insulation in your home.

Will insulating my home save money?

One of the long-term benefits that insulation can offer every homeowner is savings. Insulating your home may sound like a very costly home investment, but through its ability to reduce your use of heating or cooling devices, you can have bigger savings due to a lower annual energy bill. You can also save from renovation costs now that your house is safe against gradual damage.


Increase the value of your home

Insulation will not only increase the comfort a home can give its occupants, but as well as its own value. Through the presence of high-quality insulation, there is no doubt that every home now has better thermal performance plus an improved and stabilized condition safe from fire and insects that may cause gradual damage to your property. These and more home upgrades are offered by insulation, which leads to an increased home value.

Save money on enerrgy bills

Insulation is an expert in saving you and your pocket from high energy bills. A well-insulated home is a place where there is better thermal performance all year round, and this is without any help received from other heating or cooling devices. Once your use of other appliances is reduced, you will now have lower energy bills to pay annually, and this gives you nothing but bigger savings that you can enjoy for as long as your home is insulated.

Reduce noise

For homeowners whose homes are located on busy streets or where bustling city life is always present, installing insulation is a must to help them combat any unnecessary noise that may come from outside their homes. With exceptional soundproofing ability, insulation helps in reducing the noise that may penetrate your walls by blocking crevices where noise may enter and serves as a strong barrier to maintain the most serene atmosphere inside your home that you and your family will enjoy.

Protects the environment

With the help of insulation, energy efficiency and protecting the environment are easily achieved. You may have already known by now that installing insulation on many parts of your home will reduce the use of any other appliances to maintain the cold or warm atmosphere of your home. Through this decrease in the use of electronic devices, the emission of pollutants like carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide is also reduced making insulation an effective way to protect the environment.

Keeps temperature stable

You may find it difficult to stabilize the temperature of your home for the rest of the year, but what’s good is insulation is here to help you with your problem. Every space of your home has to be as cold as possible during summers and as cozy and warm during winters, and this is what insulation does best; stabilizing the most suitable temperature available for one’s home to keep its occupants comfortable and safe from the unpleasant weather condition.

Deters pests

The invasion of pests into one’s home will not only cause gradual damage to it but can also contribute diseases to the people living in the space. To keep you and your home safe against these pests that are harmful to your health, install high-quality insulation that will barricade them and ensure that the holes and spaces on your walls are stuffed with a strong material that will hinder these pests’ entrance to your home.

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