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With a total city population of 166,158, the County of Kent is one of the leaders in the state of Rhode Island when it comes to providing trusted and well-executed insulation services to its residents.

Kent County Insulation Services provides every homeowner with the best assistance and suggestions they need to find the best insulation types that will help them in raising not only the comfort inside their home but as well as their property’s value.

You can absolutely count on their remarkable services that go beyond providing insulation for your home but also giving equal importance to your safety from the beginning to end of the whole process.


Scituate is a city situated in the state of Rhode Island. Its most current census declares that the city has an estimated population of 10,384. The city is endowed with a milder climate compared to other states in New England; its winters can get pretty cold, though. It has the largest artificial freshwater body in the state called the Scituate Reservoir.


The City of Coventry sits in the County of Kent and has a total population of 35,688 (based on its census in the year 2020) who can benefit from high-quality insulation installation. Coventry is known for its youth sports leagues for many sports such as basketball, softball, and football. Enjoy the most pleasant months in Coventry in July, June, and August, while colder moths are experienced in January and February.


A city founded by Samuel Gorton in 1642, Warwick is now recognized as the third-largest city in the state of Rhode Island. Today, Warwick is home to 82,823 residents and is known for having a rich colonial history. It is also popular due to its location that is near the salt-water beaches. The city’s summers are warm, while winters come as a very cold season.


Its total city population of 82,934 made the City of Cranston the second-largest city in the state of Rhode Island. As a part of the Providence metropolitan area, Cranston was named as one of the best places to live in the country in the year 2006. Cranston has warm summers and experiences a lot of precipitation even in its driest months.

East Greenwich

The county seat of Kent County, East Greenwich is famous for its downtown restaurants and shopping centers. Its town has warm, humid summers and winters that are wet and very cold where installing insulation can be very useful. It has an estimated population of 13,146 as of the year 2010 and has now been recognized as the wealthiest municipality situated in the state of Rhode Island today.


One of the oldest cities in the United States, Providence is the most populous city in the state of Rhode Island. As the state’s capital city, Providence has a lot of attractions and activities that it can offer its residents and tourists. With a humid continental climate, the city features hot summers and very cold winters. Its latest census states that it has a total population of 190,934.

6222 Flat River Rd, Coventry, RI 02827

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